Shattered Shield

Location, Location, Location: Dyvers City of Sails
City of Sails


            Dyvers, City of Sails, once the regional capital of the Great Kingdom on the shores of the Nyr Dyv, but now owes its economic survival to its rival to the east, Greyhawk. When the king of Furyuondy moved his capital to Willip, he shifted trade away from Dyvers. Then Greyhawk coffers swelled with treasure from the Cairns and with it new markets opened up. Yet the expansionist policies of Oligarchy, talk of "reuniting" Dyvers (which is a free domain) with Furyondy and the threat of goblinoids from the no so distant Pomarj have made the merchants of the city nervous to say the least.

Now they have a new leader, Larissa Hunter. An able army commander with a fierce patriotic streak she had taken every opportunity to push back against the Oligarchy. While Greyhawk ignores these slights, the patriotic fervor within the walls of Dyvers grows, making Larissa that much more popular with the common folk while making the minor nobles and merchants nervous. Rumors spread about finding someone more pliable, but Larissa is as good as administrator as she is a leader on the field. She plans to build a series of castles on the edges of Dyver's territory as a bulwark against invasion. She plans to pay for them by hiking the taxes of trade goods flowing through the road from Greyhawk. The plan brings comfort to the masses, as well as employment, but the merchants don't want a trade war on their hands and fear that the import taxes are only the beginning.

 The first castle lies east of the town of Maraven, astride the main land route from Greyhawk to Dyvers. It is under the command of Lady Agustina of Hardby, who claims to be the legitimate successor to the Despotrix (traditional leaders of the town of Hardby). This is another calculated move by Larissa to raise Greyhakw hackles as Agustina's claims clashes directly with Greyhawk's own. Loss of Hardby to Dyvers would hurt Greyhawk standing in the Wild Coast as well as trade on the Selitan. The fact that Larissa has given such an important post to a political rival of Greyhawk has not gone unnoticed by the members of the Oligarchy (or the ruling Gentry of Dyvers) although Nerof Gasgal has more important things to worry about at the moment.

Of Temples and Catacombs: P3


Tristan accompanied Veni Jarrison to the Merchant's and Trader's Union in the Old City. There, city officials read Ren O' the Star's will (Ren was the former master of the Union until he met an "unfortunate" end at the hands of his creditors aloud. The officials inspected each piece and levied the appropriate taxes. Any part that was not in the will was sold at auction to pay for Ren's old debts.


"Veni Jarrison, in representation of the Church of Pelor, please step forward!" said the tax official.


Veni and Tristan approach the dais. Workers brought out a small chest. Inside a dark skull, made of onyx, gleamed in the late afternoon. They took it back to the temple. A careful examination of the item revealed that it was a foundational relic of Iuz, which, according to a letter they found inside the chest, Ren won in a card game, but suspected it to be an evil artifact and wanted his old friend Garth (former  prelate of the chapel of Pelor) to destroy.

Gregor gave it a good whack with his mace, but the skull did not yield. "Better take it to St. Cuthbert's cathedral; they will know what to do." They took it to the cathedral. The surprised priests of the Cudgel took possession of the skull to find a way to destroy it. Later that night, as Tristan prayed on the altar before going to bed, the doors of the chapel burst open. A pack of zombies, lead by a cloaked figure with a skull-topped staff charged the knight.

"Give us what is ours and we will grant you a swift death knight!" said the intruder. Fighting erupted in the main chapel while a pair of thieves attempted to sneak into the darkened but encountered Gregor and Veni on their way to assist Tristan. The thieves retreated as they were discovered.

The clerics joined the battle against the attackers, destroying the zombies and driving away the humans controlling them.

The next day Balder stopped by the chapel. "You need any help?" he asked at the sight of the broken front doors.

"Sure, hold this," Gregor said.

"So what happened?"

Gregor told him of the attack during the night and of the onyx skull. Balder remembered a similar relic during his adventures in Admundfort. "Aye, some foul priest of Iuz used a thing like that to summon a dark fog that swallowed the city whole! Did ye manage to break it?"

"No, we left in with the Clerics of St. Cuthbert. Hopefully they will now how to undue it."

At that moment, a messenger arrived with a letter for Gregor.

Aespertas had made breakthrough. The heroes hurried to his home. "Welcome back gentlemen. I've unraveled the mysteries of the tome of time, or at least this copy of it. As I suspected, Algernon found a way to peak into the flow of time itself! And with that power he was able to see events in the past and the future. I estimate that he was able to see approximately one-hundred and fifty years in each direction, for want of a better term."

"But what about the dangers of trying to predict the future?" Gregor asked.

"Ah, yes. You see, this little book works in a peculiar way. Those capable of reading it can read about the past with perfect recollection, from their time backwards, however the future reveals itself slowly as they read the book and their actions match those on the pages, which they will as it is the likely outcome of said actions. The second layer of protection is, well trickier. For you see each copy is about a particular individual, one of Algernon's old companions. Only they, and by extension, their descendants can read the book and understand what is in it. And this particular document was written for Anvary Marhauss, a Paladin who accompanied Algernon in his quest to defeat the Tyrant of Vecna a hundred or so years ago."

"And how does that help us find the Horn of Algernon?" Gregor asked.

 "Well, if this is a perfect record of the life of one of Algernon's companions then it should tell us what he knew of the Horn and where to find it. Or at least give us clues to its location."

            With those words, the group set out to contact The Potter, who gave them the book and claimed to be the last descendant of the family Marhauss. They met him at his place later that night. The Potter perused the book. "Gods, I could have stopped it, I had this all along but…" he muttered to himself as he read it. He lifted his gaze from the pages. "I will tell you what I read, but I must know why do you want the information."

"We seek a powerful artifact, known as the Horn of Algernon. We plan to use the Horn to liberate the Shieldlands and drive back the forces of Iuz," Gregor said.

"Tis' true that I do not count the Old One as a friend and despite of what I am today, I am still a patriot. Very well, according to this book my father guarded the remnants of the old Tower of Algernon. It says here that he gave the Horn's mouthpiece to one Duarte. I know not where this Duarte is, but the book also mentions an old family friend by the name of Walpole. That last I heard of him, he served as a Castellan to the Lady of Maraven, in the land Dyvers, if anyone knows where mouthpiece is, it would be him. May Norebo luck illuminate your path."

With those words the party prepared to journey to the Dyvers, the City of Sails.

Of Temples and Catacombs: Part 2


The wounded soldier informs the heroes that bandits have taken over Blackwell Keep. Gregor turns to the assembled garrison. "Your commander needs help who will go with us and rescue her?"

"M'Lord, but what about our families here? We only have but half of our number. Lady Melinde took the rest in pursuit of the bandits," said one of the men.

"She is your commanding officer and a Paladin of Heironeous. If the bandits fortify the keep, they will soon coke after you here. Better bring the battle to them before they do so to you," Tristan said.

Eleven of the militiamen joined the party in order to relieve the besieged troops around the keep. They forced marched all day until sundown. There, where the road bends south toward the keep, goblin archers launched an ambush. Their shaman's spells and clever use of terrain cost the lives of a score of men before they were brought to heel. The relief force made a camp on a hillock overlooking the road while Balder and Mikal reconnoitered the last leg of the road. Around midnight they managed to contact a group of soldiers in a thin cordon around the tower.

The soldiers, huddled beneath flimsy wooded shields explain that they had attempted to assault the tower earlier, but were rebuffed with heavy casualties. Amidst the fighting the lost track of their commander and did not know if she was alive or dead. Balder and Mikal return to the hilltop encampment with the news. They  decide that Mikal and Ewan would take the relief force while the rest (Balder, Gregor and Tristan with seven soldiers) would make their way to the keep. If they could not parlay with the bandits then they would assault the fortifications.

The next day the group reached the area around the keep. Gregor and Tristan approach the keep under a white banner of truce. "We come to talk to your leader!" shouted Tristan in goblin.

A voice from the top floor answered in common, "And who the Hell are you?"

"We come from the village of Diamond Lake, I am a cleric of Pelor and this," said Gregor while pointing at Tristan, "is a Paladin of my church. We came with reinforcements. There is little game or food near the Mistmarsh and the lizardmen are not known for their generosity."

"What do you want?"

"We want you to release your prisoners and leave the tower," Gregor said.

"So that you can slaughter us once we go outside?"

"You have my word that you will leave in peace."

"Your word is nothing to me!"

Tristan stepped forward. "Then I will serve as your hostage in exchange for your prisoners. But we need to see them first."

A single prisoner is brought forward, cut up but still alive. "Tell them you is alive," ordered a goblin in his native tongue.

After a few jabs from a short sword the soldier got the message. "I'm alive."

Tristan then proceeded to the tower. Inside the goblins bound Tristan with rope. "How many other prisoners do they have hear?" Tristan asked the militiaman.

"Myself and two others, m'lord."

"What about Melinde?"

"We lost sight of her when we attacked the first floor. I tried my best to defend her, but one of the goblins shot me with a bolt on my leg and I lost consciousness."

The bandits, lead by a bugbear, tromped down the stairs, with two other prisoners in tow. They threw a dirty blanket over Tristan and made their way across the plain around the tower.

"Release your hostage," Gregor said as the bandits departed.

"No," said the bugbear.

"We will not let you leave with him."

"Then we will kill him," said the bugbear. The goblins pointed their crossbows at Tristan. The militia pointed their bows at the bandits in turn.

"And we will kill you. Release him and leave."

The bugbear barked a few orders in goblin. Tristan was made to kneel. Then the bandits retreated, with their crossbows pointed at the kneeling paladin. True to his word, Gregor allowed them to leave.

"They will be back," Balder said.

"Maybe, but for now the keep is ours, besides, recovering Melinde is our first priority," Gregor said.

A search of the keep revealed a door behind one of the tables in first floor. The door led to a basement that served as storage area. One section of the floor had collapse, revealing a thirty-foot drop. At the bottom of the hole, Balder noticed a trail of blood. The heroes descended into the hole and discovered an ancient catacomb underneath the keep. On the main chamber they were attacked by skeletons and worm-ridden undead. The trio managed to defeat these but not before one of them infected Tristan. Only Balder's skill kept him from degenerating further along the path of the disease.

On a collapse tunnel, they heard the sound of moving rock and cries for help. On the other side of the rubble they found a weakened, but very much alive, Melinde. She told of how she became separated from the soldiers and thanked them for the prompt rescue. The party continued to explore the catacombs, but suspecting more Kyuss-infused dead inside, the heroes returned to Greyhawk in search of reinforcements. There they contacted the churches of Heironeus and St. Cuthbert and gathered a party to clean out the catacombs, which they did.

A few days later, a letter arrived at the chapel.

Ren O' the Star's will had been found and it named the chapel as one of its beneficiaries.

For Want of a Book



After playing their part in pacifying the city of Admundfort, our heroes took a short rest. Johan and Cromwell, none too happy with being trapped in a city full of plaque carriers and idiotic bureaucrats, decided to journey to new lands in search of coin and adventure while the rest of the party (Balder, Evan and Mikal) stayed behind. Rovis called them together to give them their new assignment.

            The priest ran a hand through his thinning hair. "I'm sorry to see Cromwell and Johan go-"

            Balder jumped in. "Ack! Those two only wanted coin and nothing else. I'm glad to see the back of them!"

            "Never the less, they will be missed, even if they do no care for such things. However, we have a more pressing matter at hand. As I mentioned earlier, I found evidence that the Marhauss family fled to the City of Greyhawk, which means that they took whatever clues leading to a copy of the Tome of Time (also known as Algernon's Book) with them. My duties here prevent me from going back at this moment, but my colleague, Veni Jerrison, a fellow priest of Pelor, may be of some help. Take this letter to him, with my seal. I'm sure that he will do whatever he can to help you. If you manage to secure the tome, take it Aespartas of Verbobonc. He is a sage who has studied the history of the events surrounding the life and times of Algernon. He will be very helpful as well."

            The three companions reached the city by way of the river Selintan. After asking for some directions, they managed to reach the edge of the Foreign Quarter and the chapel of Pelor. Inside the met with Jerrison and two of his cohorts; the acolyte of Pelor Gregor Corvinius and a young half-elven Paladin of the faith, Tristan. They agreed to search for any traces of the Marhauss family. Their investigations lead to a strange late night visit by a trio of men. They claimed that they could contact the family for a price. If Gregor and Tristan agreed to journey to the nearby hamlet of Diamond Lake and clear an abandoned mine of some unwanted guests he would contact the family on their behalf. Gregor, who learned of the devious ways of the city the hard way (by being born in the city of thieves no less), manage to convince them that he would do as they ask but that he need to meet this surviving relative of the Marhauss family.


The meeting took place in the Artisans Quarter where in Gregor demanded proof that this man possessed the book he was looking for. Proof came by way of an etching of a symbol purported to be on the cover of the book. Further investigations revealed that this symbol was genuine. Once that was established, Gregor contacted the rest of the group and informed them of the situation.

They promptly set off for Diamond Lake. The village looked worse for wear after the events of the Age of Worms, when a black dragon by the name of Ilthane attacked it in search of a wizard by the name of Allustan. Yet, the town was on the mend, if slowly. The group asked around and found that one Johan Smenk, who claimed to be the mine's supervisor. He described that a tribe of "lizard like folk, with yipping voices" had taken over the mine. His arrogant manner put off Balder, who thought better of smacking the young overseer back a notch or two.

The group spent the night in the Feral Dog, a shabby inn of sorts, full of barely employed laborers downing the local water down swill. A fellow there took a shine to Balder when he offered to buy him a drink.

"Sure I know Smenk. I knew his father too. The pup is as mangy as the dog that sired him. Old Balabar used to run this town, whether the Mayor or the militia captain thought different. His son is trying to muscle in, but the mines are infested with all manner of creatures, mostly the orcs who used to work them. They won't for him, so Coppernight is his only option. Of course, if someone could clean the place up maybe we could get back to work."

"So what do you know of the mine," Balder asked.

"Not much I'm afraid. I worked keeping the wagons fit; you know to clear the slurry and stuff. Good thing too, no work for me underground. No offense friend dwarf. Old Dourstone had some grand plans for that mine, but then a dragon landed on top of us and well, you can guess the rest."

The next day the companions marched toward the mine. On the entrance, they met with a large party of kobolds, who demanded they pay the privilege to leave. Evan tried to negotiate with them but to no avail. A fight ensued which the companions won handedly. On interrogating the leader, they discovered that the kobolds worked for a powerful creature described as "like us, but big, black and with wings".

"A black dragon," Evan said.

"Please, a dragon, here?" Gregor said. "I doubt he could barely fit though the main entrance. The group continued into the mind, where they encountered more kobolds. The little creatures fought with remarkable cunning and persistence, even when faced with powerful adventurers that had killed many of their number. The group discovered the identity of the kobold "god". Evan was right; a dragon whelp had intimidated the kobolds into worshiping him as a god. While Evan words stole the heart of the yipping mongrels, it had no effect on the arrogant creature that attacked him with a blast of corrosive acid.

"OUR GOD FIGHTS! OUR GOD FIGHTS!" shrieked the diminutive folk, who surrounded Evan and took him down in with repetitive strikes of their blades. The rest of the party rallied and concentrated their attacks on the wyrm. Tristan summoned he might of his patron and smote the beast. Seeing their tormentor felled forced the kobolds to cease fighting. With Evan as interpreter, Gregor convinced the kobolds to leave the mine, thus accomplishing their mission without further bloodshed. Their leader offered a medallion to Tristan, who declined it; Mikal on the other hand had no compulsion against taking his just reward.

Several days later, the party returned to the city, where in they contacted the man who claimed to posses the book. The man kept his end of the bargain and presented them with a leather bound book with Algernon's sigil on its face. They took it to Aespertas, who promptly set out to study it. Now they await the results.

Where the Streets Have No Name


 Soon after the PCs arrive in Admundfort things change. A plaque hits the city leading to a quarantine. Not only that, but as the Dreaded Pirate Morgan and his companions are lead to the gallows, the city prison, also known as the Citadel, explodes in rebellion. Soon after the Military-Governor orders the administrative center closed, leaving the people of the city to fend for themselves. 

The militia rallies around the ruins of the temple of Pelor and with the help of the PCs beginning to take back the city. The group moves the refugees to the wharf district where critical stores of food remain while the prisoners pillage and plunder the city. As the forces of good fought back they uncovered the hand of the Old One behind the events. The followers of Iuz spread the plaque in order to weaken the city population and raise the dead as an army to serve the foul demi-god. 

An assault on the local graveyard put an end to those machinations. Reinforcements from rebel factions inside the Admistrative Quarter (the White Zone) helped pushed back the prisoners until an attack on the Citadel could be mounted. In the end the PCs managed to kill the pirate Morgan Kane and capture his second in command, Artemis, thus bringing the rebellion to an end.

Yet, the situation had strained the bonds of the party and two of their number, the bard Johan Carson and the Sule Barbarian Cromwell left soon after to seek greener pastures while the rest of the party traveled south to the City of Greyhawk in pursuit of a weapon that could defeat the followers of the Old One once and for all.

An Ill Wind Blows

The PCs embark on a journey with Rovis Faircastle, Cleric of Pelor, to reestablish the presence of Pelor light in the city. Their ship is attacked by pirates on their last day of their journey but they managed to fight off the Dreaded Pirate Morgan until a Furiondian frigate arrived. The surviving pirates were captured and the Red Damsel (pirate vessels) taken as a prize while the Sea Eagle (the ship carriying the PCs) continues on its journey.

 Upon arrival at the former capital of the Shieldlands, the PCs witness first hand what 10 years of occupation by Iuz forces did to the once proud island-city. Not only that they also discover that the locals are none to happy with their Furiondian "liberators".However their job is to protect Rovis and rebuild the temple and so they set out to do just that. In the process they also learn some of the reasons behind the resentment against the Furiondians. The new Military-Governor, who goes by the name of Soodan, has concetrated his efforts on the old Administrative Quarter, now called the White Zone due to the gleam of newly plastered and painted walls. There the recostruction of the city moves at a fast pace while the rest lingers on in neglect and despair.

 Rumors soon spread of a new plague spreading among the population, but the goverment takes no active measures to deal with the situation. The only thing that the new administration is capable off is throwing debtors, malcontents and thieves into the old Citadel to rot while they deal with more pressing matters.

 Things come to a head when the Citadel explodes in a riot during the attempted execution of the captured pirates. The nobles flee back into the White Zone while the local Militia tries to stem the tide of rebellion. Alas, it spreads like wildfire and in its wake so does the plague.

 With the gates of the White Zone closed, and the Ferundian Navy blockading the city, the PCs are trapped inside a warzone. And that is just the beginning….

Last Stand

The Dwarfs held their positions among the ruble of the north wall. Around them, nervous militia men waited for the impending onslaught. The sound of orcish drums filtered through the morning mist. Then they heard the wild mutterings of the clerics of Iuz, summoning their dread lord's power. The orcs marched forward at the beat of the drums, their footfalls matching the hollow beats. Closer and closer they came. In spite of the morning chill, the defenders of Algernon Tower felt their clothes dampen with sweat. Three days of continuous combat had reduced their numbers by a third. Only one thing could save them now.

Sir Aymond heard the drums in the distance. The mist would dissipate soon, but with luck he would catch the enemy unawares. His brother, Baynard, rode to his side "Do you think this is going to work?"

"It will, brother. Of course if you have a better idea, now would be the time."

The sound of a distant horn interrupted them "Too late for that."

Aymond wheeled his mount around. "Men of the Shield Lands, Knights in good standing, servants of Good. Our land is in peril, it's need dire. One more time we ride for lord and country and the survival of all free people! CHARGE!"

The Dwarfs poured a relentless stream of bolts into the approaching mass, but while some fell, others took their place. The militia horn blew once more. Even the steady fire of three ranks of elite crossbowmen would not be enough to halt the enemy. At the center of the horde, a dark cleric of Iuz danced wildly, holding a burning bowl of offal while he screamed obscene chants to the Lords of the Abyss.

"Graz'zt, unholy father, gives us your strength. Gives us power to smite your Zion's enemies. For the glory of the Abyss-" The thunder of charging hooves drowned the cleric's insane rant as Aymond's cavalry smashed into the enemies flank. Momentum and determination drove them forward, their spears piercing mail and flesh as they went. Lances gave way to swords as the knights slashed their way to the hear of the orcish mass.

In mid trance, the foul priest did not hear nor see his minions scatter or the black stallion charging toward him. With one downward stroke, Aymond's sword decapitated the priest. A fountain of blood showered his acolytes who fled at the site of their master's death. Dwarfs and men poured from Algernon Tower to finish the fight, leaving none alive.

Aymond shouted to his men "The Day is Ours HUZZAH!" they shouted back, all except Baynard.

He approached his brother and whispered as he pointed behind them "But not without loss." A score of knights had fallen amidst the charge and as Aymond raised his visor he could see that at least one orc had scored a vicious hit on his left calf.

"Order the men to regroup. Tell the garrison to move out as soon as possible. We must move south at once."

"Yes M'Lord."

At nightfall the group camped for the night. Few tents went up, except for the Commander's tent. Inside, Aymond worked feverishly to finish the last bits of paperwork before he put his plan into action. Inside the tent others waited for their commander's instructions.

Aymond first missive concerned the fighting around Algernon's tower:

Day 1

Encountered enemy supply trains northeast of the tower. Destroyed seven wagons and scattered the human guards. Took no prisoners. Orcish troops made a frontal attack on the tower. Repelled with the help of dwarven crossbowmen and sorcerer's help inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy.  Orcs carried their dead from the field. The reason for this unusual behavior became clear later that night. Undead attacked the battlements, including several shadows. Brother Cristoff of the Order of the Platinum Bolt (Heironeous) assisted in the defense.  Losses few, but we lost our war wizard.

Day 2

Enemy resumed their assault with siege weapons. Managed to breach the North wall of the outer bailey. Led  knights in an assault against the siege engines and destroyed several of them. Second assault repulsed as well. Friendly losses where heavy. A score of knights fell and so did fifty of the militia. Again, the enemy resumed nightly assault with undead using war drums to keep us awake.

Day 3

Enemy continued their assault. Led charge against main body of the enemy scattering them and killing the commander. Could not hold the Tower indefinitely. Valuables have been removed and forces evacuated. Fear that this is just the tip of the spear. The east is wide open to attack. Larger bands of humanoids lead by followers of the Old One raid an pillage at will. If nothing is done, forces will capture Admuntfort and lay siege to Critwall. Forces must be shifted or be trapped in a pocket. The enemy asks and gives no quarter.

Time is off the essence.

Your Loyal Servant

Sir Aymond Marhaus, First Lance of the Order

Aymond sealed the letter with his signet ring and gave it to his fastest rider. As he left he got up to talk to the assemble leadership. He cleared the table, which had a map of the Shield Lands engraved on the tabletop. The table was supposed to be magical, but Aymond did not have the time or the inclination to divine its mysteries.

"Gentlemen, our situation is dire. The enemy  commands the field and we do not have the forces at hand to stop them. I fear that even the combined might of all the Knighthood would do nothing but yield to this evil tide. However, the enemy does have one vital flaw, lack of cavalry. My men will ride north and harass the enemy as much as we can, buying you sometime to complete your tasks. Baynard?"

"Yes brother?"

Handing him a sealed letter and a small leader bound book Aymond said "Take this to Chateau Marhaus. Evacuate the family and get them to Critwall, from there sail to Greyhawk and safety. We have a modest home there, one that I hope to use as part of a future business venture, but alas."

"Leave you here! But you need us! We need to regroup and defend our lands against the humanoid scum! We must fight!"

Sergeant Walpole and Leftenant Wilkins nodded, but Duarte, long time family friend (three generations past and counting) knew better "And where lad, do ye think we will hold them? The tower was the last fortification before the walls of Admuntfort. There is nothing but their greed to slow them down, and nothing will stop them."

"Indeed my old friend. And that is why you have to take this." Aymond handed him the a horn's mouthpiece. "This is Algernon's horn, take your stalwarts and march to the coast post haste. Take the horn to a safe place away from these abominations. It must not fall into their hands."

"Aye, that we can do."

"Sergeant, you and your men will accompany Baynard south to Critwall. From there you will take this." He handed him a large pouch and a letter "Do not open it, what is inside is not meant for your eyes. Your men will stay in Critwall with Baynard while you go to the College of Wizards in the city of Greyhawk. Ask for Aspertas of Kent, he will know what to do with it. As for you Leftenant, prepare the men, we ride north as soon as we are able."


All left except Baynard "Brother this is madness. Divide our forces now, in the face of the enemy? There must be another way."

"What forces you speak off? Fifty militia men, about the same number of dwarvern bowmen and our riders. The infantry will slow us down and if we are caught in the open we will perish."

"We will take as many of the bastards with us as we can!"

"And then, who will protect our families? Death will come for all us soon enough. I'll keep the priest with us. We will surely come in handy. Besides unlike you he has more courage than sense. At least I think he does" he said with a sad smile.

"Send another if word if what you need them to have. I will stay with you," Baynard pleaded.

Aymond stood tall looking at down as his brother who was a half head shorter than him, "Baynard, what is the calling of a warrior?"

"To Fight so Others don't Have to, and to Die so Others may Live."

"Then if that is the case, others need of our service, one more time. Rachel and the boys need their uncle now more than ever. At least make sure that they board a reliable ship South. If battle you want, I am sure the enemy will be breathing down your neck soon enough."

"May St. Cuthbert protect you," said Bynard as he hugged his brother goodbye.

"May Pelor's blessing shine upon you brother."

Aymond opened the tent flat and yelled to his charges "We Ride!"

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