Shattered Shield

An Ill Wind Blows

The PCs embark on a journey with Rovis Faircastle, Cleric of Pelor, to reestablish the presence of Pelor light in the city. Their ship is attacked by pirates on their last day of their journey but they managed to fight off the Dreaded Pirate Morgan until a Furiondian frigate arrived. The surviving pirates were captured and the Red Damsel (pirate vessels) taken as a prize while the Sea Eagle (the ship carriying the PCs) continues on its journey.

 Upon arrival at the former capital of the Shieldlands, the PCs witness first hand what 10 years of occupation by Iuz forces did to the once proud island-city. Not only that they also discover that the locals are none to happy with their Furiondian "liberators".However their job is to protect Rovis and rebuild the temple and so they set out to do just that. In the process they also learn some of the reasons behind the resentment against the Furiondians. The new Military-Governor, who goes by the name of Soodan, has concetrated his efforts on the old Administrative Quarter, now called the White Zone due to the gleam of newly plastered and painted walls. There the recostruction of the city moves at a fast pace while the rest lingers on in neglect and despair.

 Rumors soon spread of a new plague spreading among the population, but the goverment takes no active measures to deal with the situation. The only thing that the new administration is capable off is throwing debtors, malcontents and thieves into the old Citadel to rot while they deal with more pressing matters.

 Things come to a head when the Citadel explodes in a riot during the attempted execution of the captured pirates. The nobles flee back into the White Zone while the local Militia tries to stem the tide of rebellion. Alas, it spreads like wildfire and in its wake so does the plague.

 With the gates of the White Zone closed, and the Ferundian Navy blockading the city, the PCs are trapped inside a warzone. And that is just the beginning….



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