Shattered Shield

Where the Streets Have No Name


 Soon after the PCs arrive in Admundfort things change. A plaque hits the city leading to a quarantine. Not only that, but as the Dreaded Pirate Morgan and his companions are lead to the gallows, the city prison, also known as the Citadel, explodes in rebellion. Soon after the Military-Governor orders the administrative center closed, leaving the people of the city to fend for themselves. 

The militia rallies around the ruins of the temple of Pelor and with the help of the PCs beginning to take back the city. The group moves the refugees to the wharf district where critical stores of food remain while the prisoners pillage and plunder the city. As the forces of good fought back they uncovered the hand of the Old One behind the events. The followers of Iuz spread the plaque in order to weaken the city population and raise the dead as an army to serve the foul demi-god. 

An assault on the local graveyard put an end to those machinations. Reinforcements from rebel factions inside the Admistrative Quarter (the White Zone) helped pushed back the prisoners until an attack on the Citadel could be mounted. In the end the PCs managed to kill the pirate Morgan Kane and capture his second in command, Artemis, thus bringing the rebellion to an end.

Yet, the situation had strained the bonds of the party and two of their number, the bard Johan Carson and the Sule Barbarian Cromwell left soon after to seek greener pastures while the rest of the party traveled south to the City of Greyhawk in pursuit of a weapon that could defeat the followers of the Old One once and for all.



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